Our Ultra Hybrid is a milled nanoceramic arch supported by a techno-polymer matrix bar reinforcement, which provides a very strong, light, and durable prosthesis. The Ultra material has a compressive strength of 490 MPa, but also has a gentle feel at a 0.7 GPa modus of durability which creates a ‘shock absorption’ touch similar to the feel of natural dentition.

  • 6x stronger than Acrylic-based arches
  • Highly durable and resistant to chipping
  • Impervious to liquids
  • Easily relined chairside
  • Advanced Nanoceramic Technology
  • Absorbs occlusal pressure and mitigates forces at the implants


Because the gingiva is a composite application, any shade is achievable. The Ultra comes in Vita shades A1, A2, A3, B1, C2, BL2, BL3.5.



Quick-Fix Guarantee

After surgery, we duplicate the arch. If there’s a break, we ship you a new arch the very next business day.

Quick Fix Guarantee only applies on cases where the provisional prosthesis is loaded the day of surgery. In cases that do not meet this requirement, we use traditional repair protocol.



At Digital Ape Full Arch Solutions, we are constantly developing new ways to improve the fixed hybrid prosthetic experience. In the past, we have only offered zirconia and traditional acrylic as final prostheses, however, we know there can be functional issues with the nature of both materials. Zirconia, which is a very unforgiving material, can easily come loose from it’s Ti bases as you can not bond to the material. We also find issues with the lack of translucency, the weight/sound, the ability to adjust, and the process to remake. Therefore, we have focused our workflow on products to help overcome those hurdles and offer your patient the best prosthesis possible.